Geoff’s PJ2T Ham Radio Group

This photo is going to hams and non-hams. For the non-hams, this is our «team» photo shot a few minutes ago in the front yard of the Curacao house.
We did a major on-the-air operating event this past weekend, and this is the team’s last full day on the island. As you see, it’s warm and sunny and gorgeous here by the Caribbean Sea.

Front Row: Geoff (W0CG, Idaho); Mikhail and Natasha Zavarukhin (RW0CN, Khabarovsk, Eastern Siberia)

Back Row: Marty (K2PLF, Maryland); Gene (KB7Q, Montana); Phil (N0KE, Colorado); Joerg (DF9LJ, Germany), Jim (W0NB, Iowa); Jeff (K8ND, Ohio).

We are missing Martin (G4XUM, England) who had planned to come but had to stay behind because of his wife’s surgery. Our best wishes are with Martin and Caroline.

We made 12,121 radio contacts this weekend for a score that we hope will hold up after judging as # 2 in the world in our category of entry: two transmitters. (The # 1 station, a group of Germans, is in Maderia, a Portuguese island far west of the European mainland.) Also for the non-hams, we tell you that this place in Curacao, callsign «PJ2T» is the world’s most often contacted amateur radio station for these past 12 years.

Wish you all could be here enjoying this beautiful place and the great (except for yesterday’s rain) weather. I’ll be returning to Idaho December 12.


All the best,

— Geoff / Curacao

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